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16th December 2012


The Moment after finals (by The6GreatPerhaps)

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19th August 2012

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My Dear Hometown, (by The6GreatPerhaps)

My last video from home (for a while) because it’s back to Berkeley! 

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10th July 2012

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Somebody Gif this Please (by The6GreatPerhaps)

Oh goodness… 

Also warning the word penis is sung. A lot. 

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7th May 2012


Finals are Odd (by TheCoolStoryKate)

VENOM #7 is up early because I have a final tonight and I really need to get away from the internet so I can study. O.O

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7th May 2012

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Go See the Avengers (by TheCoolStoryKate)

I’m actually quite fond of this one. 

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1st May 2012

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The Cool Introduction (by TheCoolStoryKate)

Operation VENOM (Vlog every night of May) day 1.

Also the first video on my personal channel. 

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31st March 2012

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"Driving" with Kate (by The6GreatPerhaps)

New video. Enjoy. 

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25th March 2012

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Movies (by The6GreatPerhaps)

I’m sorry that it’s 2 am.  I wanted to get it up sooner but I haven’t been home all day.  I hope the bananas make it all alright.

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20th March 2012


19 Years (by The6GreatPerhaps)


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19th March 2012

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An impression of a vagina brought to you by this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0CGXwbprDQ&feature=g-u-u&context=G2c38ea8FUAAAAAAABAA

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