The Moment after finals (by The6GreatPerhaps)

My Dear Hometown, (by The6GreatPerhaps)

My last video from home (for a while) because it’s back to Berkeley! 

Somebody Gif this Please (by The6GreatPerhaps)

Oh goodness… 

Also warning the word penis is sung. A lot. 

Finals are Odd (by TheCoolStoryKate)

VENOM #7 is up early because I have a final tonight and I really need to get away from the internet so I can study. O.O

Go See the Avengers (by TheCoolStoryKate)

I’m actually quite fond of this one. 

The Cool Introduction (by TheCoolStoryKate)

Operation VENOM (Vlog every night of May) day 1.

Also the first video on my personal channel. 

"Driving" with Kate (by The6GreatPerhaps)

New video. Enjoy. 

Movies (by The6GreatPerhaps)

I’m sorry that it’s 2 am.  I wanted to get it up sooner but I haven’t been home all day.  I hope the bananas make it all alright.

19 Years (by The6GreatPerhaps)


An impression of a vagina brought to you by this video: