Birth Control (by The6GreatPerhaps)

"We men have been handling our sexual organs for years, now let us handle yours." 

Pause this video and laugh (by The6GreatPerhaps)

Here it is!  I know how you’ve all waited. :P

Mind Vomit (by The6GreatPerhaps)

This is what John and Hank Green inspire me to think about.  

Hometown Tourist (by The6GreatPerhaps)

As if you haven’t seen enough of my day today… 

Here’s this week’s video. 

I hope you enjoy. 

To the New Year (by The6GreatPerhaps)

Here’s my first video of the New Year, and my first bit of shameless self promotion (although really it’s only 1/6th self promotion because I get to share this channel with 5 other beautifully amazing people from around the world). 

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Hip Granny (by The6GreatPerhaps)

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Eathquake Safety (told by one of the world’s wimpiest) (by The6GreatPerhaps)

Video up.  I couldn’t compete with Jess’s amazing video so I made mine semi educational. 

Unicorns (by The6GreatPerhaps)

Just had to share this again.  I miss my siblings so much.

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Feat. FRANK!

People who do not realize the existence of Jess and Frank need to rework their lives because something is terribly wrong.  So good people of tumblr, that empty feeling you have, that is the hole that Frank and Jess are supposed to fill.  Seriously they are the best. 

Challenge Who? (by The6GreatPerhaps)

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