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25th February 2012

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Mind Vomit (by The6GreatPerhaps)

This is what John and Hank Green inspire me to think about.  

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15th January 2012

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I decided to make a shirt for the Tour de Nerdfighting in SF (You can’t see the Green J-scrible in the pictures but I assure you it is under the yeti).  I am sure I will wear it many times after that as well. I admit, I have an affinity for publicly pronouncing my love for my favorite books.  

Can’t wait to see everyone in SF!  DFTBA! 

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12th January 2012

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I forgot to upload.  

This was me after finishing The Fault in Our Stars only five hours after receiving the book.

I felt all the feelings and it felt good.

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11th January 2012



Thank you John Green.

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