John Green's books fandom?

1. The first character I fell in love with was Alaska.  LFA was the first book I read and once she came in I wanted to be her a bit. Not completely but a bit. 

2. I didn’t expect to love Jane as much as I do (from WGWG). When I first met Jane I liked her but upon completing the novel I decided that I am going to cosplay as her often. I adore Jane. 

3. I don’t really know of any characters that people hate or love. I sense a general acceptance of all of the characters but that might be a “I like everyone” blinder. That’s not to say I don’t have favorites. 

4. As I mentioned before I don’t know the love/hate of the characters within their respected worlds so I don’t know the character I love that everyone else hates. 

5. Maybe Margo as someone I used to love but don’t any more, but it’s not really that I don’t love her as in not like her. I really liked Margo at first and I still like a lot of aspects about Margo but I also really hate aspects of Margo. 

6. Does it even need saying? It would probably be Augustus Waters (who I’d smooch), that is if by smooch you mean talk to for a while because he’d be a cool person to talk to (I’m not really big on the whole kissing thing and even though people can’t own people I ship Hazel and Augustus way too much to be able to kiss him guilt free).

7. I kind of answered this in the first one because “love” and “who I want to be like” are nearly synonymous because I love good people who make me want to be better and make me want to do good things. So I’d like to be like Alaska. I’d especially like to be the outgoing part of Alaska (because there are parts of Alaska that I’d rather not be). I’d also like to be a bit like Tiny (because I’m already a bit like Will Grayson and I just about grabbed a notebook to take down Tiny’s advice) and Tiny is so optimistic and he actually DOES things. But the great thing about John Green’s characters is that there isn’t a single character that I’d want to be one hundred percent.  They all have their flaws mixed in with their glories.

8. The character I’d slap: I don’t slap people. Let me put this in the least spoilery way possible. In two of John Green’s books at two times I’d probably hit the ground, or the wall, or my pillow, or anything nearby out of anger, frustration, hurt, and sorrow. 

9. I am fond of two parings. Will Grayson and Jane along with Hazel and Augustus. 

10. I don’t hate any parings. 

As I’m writing my paper

I keep looking down (at my notes and books and things) and I’m wearing my pizza John shirt, and the (shock) blanket I’m in covers his face below his eyes.  So every time I look down all I see is John Green’s eyes glaring at me, and I’m not sure if it’s caffeine induced delusions or stressed tired madness but I’m fairly sure he’s judging me for procrastinating on this paper.  

And that’s exactly the feeling you want to have when writing a paper… that one of your favorite authors is judging every word you write and is disappointed in you for taking so long to write it.  

I think the best cure is some Shake-a-booty to remind myself that it is okay to make mistakes. 

Mind Vomit (by The6GreatPerhaps)

This is what John and Hank Green inspire me to think about.  

I decided to make a shirt for the Tour de Nerdfighting in SF (You can’t see the Green J-scrible in the pictures but I assure you it is under the yeti).  I am sure I will wear it many times after that as well. I admit, I have an affinity for publicly pronouncing my love for my favorite books.  

Can’t wait to see everyone in SF!  DFTBA! 

I forgot to upload.  

This was me after finishing The Fault in Our Stars only five hours after receiving the book.

I felt all the feelings and it felt good.


Thank you John Green.

Honey Badgers: The Crazy Truth (by vlogbrothers)

Everyone should watch this. This is amazing! I am completely obsessing over this video, because it told me things that I didn’t know ANYTHING about.  

It also furthers my already high opinion of John Green because he researched Honey Badgers over his Thanksgiving vacation. 

John Green is too cool. 


Someone who actually knows how to make graphics, could you make a pizza John shirt with the keep calm crown that says “Keep Calm and Pizza John” please?


I was trying to contribute something to nerdfighteria, and this had been braincrack for me for a while.  Hope you enjoy it! #DFTBA #nerdfighters


I was trying to contribute something to nerdfighteria, and this had been braincrack for me for a while.  Hope you enjoy it! #DFTBA #nerdfighters

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What is an “instant” death anyway? How long is an instant? Is it one second? Ten? The pain of those seconds must have been awful as her heart burst and her lungs collapsed and there was no air and no blood to her brain and only raw panic. What the hell is instant? Nothing is instant. Instant rice takes five minutes, instant pudding an hour. I doubt that an instant of blinding pain feels particularly instantaneous.
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